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The Essential Framework to
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Everything You Need to Know to Earn $2,000+ Per Week in Passive Income
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Wednesday 19th June, 1PM – 3 PM
This incl. invaluable info on how to AVOID unconsciously overspending + become an elite money manager, for today AND tomorrow. Essentially, you can’t build wealth if you don’t know where your money is currently going.

Here’s what you’ll learn...

• Why budgets DON’T work (and how to get rid of them once and for all)
• The secret to master delayed gratification
• The 7 money beliefs holding you back
How to get a 18% pay rise w/o doing anything
• The art and science of compound interest + time
• An in-depth session on our proven, ruled-based system — Money SMARTS
• How to trap more surplus than ever before
• How to STOP wasting your money on unnecessary stuff (that you don’t remember buying in the first place)
Is it possible to live off $17,000?
• How to work out with YOUR numbers
• How to plan for “provisionings” (holidays, renovations, special occasions, etc.)
• Common (and not so common) tips and traps an investor needs to know about ASAP
• How to conquer The #1 Money Problem
Personal experiences and money discoveries in our lives
• How you (really) stack up as a money manager
A Discover Session tailored to YOUR personal cashflows and unique situation

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Thursday 20th June, 1PM – 3 PM
This is where the rubber meets the roads and we really start unpacking the “meat and potatoes” of property investing! This is really your "ABCD" Stuff --- Asset Selection, Borrowing Power, Cashflow Management and Defence. We’ll take a deep, deep dive into the wealth building process.
Here’s what you’ll learn...

• Quick Recap of Day #1 
• How to put everything in Day #1 into action (without using a spreadsheet or sacrificing too much of your time, effort or sanity) 
• An exercise to help you find your Starting Wealth Position
• How to find your “Why” (and why it’s so important to work it out early)
• The 5 Step Process to building a successful property portfolio
• Cash Flow Management — what are the critical steps to master your cashflows?
• What free tool can you use to work how much surplus you have access to?
• Borrowing Power — What loan structure do you need to set up?
• How can you access finance?
• Asset Selection — What types of properties should you be investing in? (Much more on this on Day 3!)
• Defence — How can you build a “moat” around you to protect yourself and your portfolio?
• What insurances are critical, important and “nice to have”?
Levels of risk and investor is willing (and able) to take
How much do you have to spend? 
• Investing as a “Spectator”, for the Short Term, Medium Term or Long Term
• What types of investors are there? (And how to work out which one YOU are)
• The tactical considerations of a property investor
When should you buy?
Which investor avatar are you?

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Friday 21st June, 1PM – 3 PM
This is the fun stuff everyone gets MOST excited about — putting everything into action… aka… buying an investment property! Because once you master the foundations and frameworks… you’re gonna wanna build up your property portfolio to deliver your dream passive income!

Here’s what you’ll learn...

• Quick Recap of Day #1 and Day #2
• How to accelerate your wealth with property
• How to earn a passive income
o $2,000 per week
o $3,000 per week
o $1,500 per week
o When to chase Growth
o When to chase Balance
o When to chase Yield
• How to slash and burn your mortgage faster
• How to rapidly build a deposit
Client Case Studies
• A NON-boring, practical history lesson on the property market (to use to YOUR advantage)
• How to conquer research tools – incl. Select Residential Property (SRP) 
• How to access up-to-date data on multiple states and suburbs
Free sites and tools to access with suburb selection
Online Hacks to find an investment property
• What type of property should you buy (and the properties to AVOID at all costs)
• Investment considerations for each state
Should you be a borderless buyer?
• How to conquer the 4 Foundational Levers of Property Investing
• The assumptions we personally use to calculate future cashflow projections
• The property purchase timeline – ie. When to do What
Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses!

What are you waiting for?
(Yes, this means you’ll also get a “behind the scenes” look at us filming our first ever online course, which we WILL be charging a fee for as soon as we've filmed it. PLUS, you’ll also get to ask us questions throughout --- we’ll be giving away a free, physical copy of our #1 bestselling book The Armchair Guide to Property Investing to anyone who joins us Live and asks us a question/s --- Oh, AND we’ll also be throwing in a few other bonuses to support what we teach on each day, exclusive to those who join us Live!)
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