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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
I don't know how to create an account?
Not a worry! We've created a step by step demo video for you! You can watch it below:
I forgot my password?
That's ok, it happens! Just go back to the log in page here and click on "Forgot Password". 
Once you've done that, it will ask you for your email. After that, you'll receive an email titled "Reset password instructions" from "". 
Sometimes, it might go into your Spam or Junk folder so make sure to check those folders as well.
Once you've received the email, just follow the prompts and you should be good to go. 

I can't see anything apart from the Welcome video?
The sidebars should appear as long as you've purchased the access to it. The access to the Start & Build Course is for lifetime too! Here are a few solutions that might help you right away.
  • Make sure that you've created the account access using the same email that you've purchased the workshop with.
  • ​Use Google Chrome as your internet browser.
  • ​If you are in a public space such as your workplace or a library, the security settings might be blocking the videos.
  • ​If you have ad blocker add on installed on your browser, that might block the videos too.
This video below should help solve most of the common issues.
If you can't see the sidebar or still can't see any of the videos, just let us know here and we'll sort it out for you.
How do I start listening to the Audiobook?
You can either listen to it while you're logged in to the VIP Membership Site or you can also download the MP3 files to your phone. Once you've logged in to the VIP Membership Site, you should see it on the sidebar. See screenshot below.

If you can't see the sidebar, make sure that you have created your account using the same email that you've purchased the audiobook with. You can click here to recreate your account.

If you have created your account with the same email and still couldn't see the sidebar,  let us know here and we should be able to help you with your access. 😊

Can I play the Video in x1.5 speed?
If you're a podcast listener, you'll know that we encourage our listeners to listen in 1.5x speed! It'll help you catch up in no time. For videos, you can do the same! Just click on the small gear icon on the bottom right of the video, click "Speed" and select your preferred speed! See screenshot below for a reference.
Do you have any other resources available?
Absolutely! On The Property Couch website, we regularly update our free resources page. Click here to check it out now

If you're looking to advanced things a little bit more, then do check out our premium workshops! We've got a couple of other workshops that will help investors in their journey. Click here to find out other premium workshops.
The videos mentioned questions. Where do I go to ask a question?
This course was recorded during our LIVE event so we organised a LIVE Q&A session then. For now, all Q&A session are closed. However, we do run Facebook LIVE Q&A sessions regularly and often answers questions on our podcast too. So just send them in to us here. We do have a huge list of Questions to go through on the show though so it might take some time to get to yours. And we won't be able to provide specific advice, just generalised information. 

If your question is urgent or related to your personal financial situation then we strongly recommend you to speak to a qualified and professional advisor.
Still couldn't find your answer?
No worries! Let us at and we'll be able to assist you.
Please be as detailed as you can and if possible, include a screenshot of your issue.
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