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The Armchair Guide to Property Investing is a no-nonsense, practical and achievable guide to property investing, offering readers a full toolkit to become successful property investors.
It includes 18 PROVEN INVESTMENT STRATEGIES and detailed case studies of six very different investors who all build property portfolios which will deliver $2,000 per week in passive income! 
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"...truly gives the average punter, no matter what background and stage of life you're at, the skills to be able to build wealth through property investment."
Wil Sederino
"A wonderful read that is jam packed with relevant topics and strategies to leverage from. The unbiased advice and information you guys put out is absolute GOLD." 
Bradley McNamara
"I'll definitely be using the methods for cash flow management and the investment strategies outlined in this book to help me get started in the industry."
Matthew Brayne
Introducing "The Armchair Guide to Property Investing" - Your Proven Roadmap to Building a Property Portfolio...
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  • Thinking you need to start out a multimillionaire to do this? You DON'T! Read this book instead and you'll discover how typical Australian households can do this (pg. 1)
  • ​REAL LIFE Case Studies of How to Earn $2,000 Per Week! (pg. 215)
  • ​The FOUR Foundational Levers to Invest in Property and why they all come down to understanding psychology (pg. 43)
  • ​Why FOMO is destroying your wealth potential and how to “look before you leap” so you don’t get stuck into bad habits or take financial-crippling advice (pg. 49)
  • ​Our “Buyers Decision Quadrant” and how to use this framework to make crucial property decisions work for you, not against you (pg. 153)
  • ​How to Master Supply and Demand --- incl. the three elements that always determine the level of demand in a property market---  (pg. 138)
  • ​The scary statistics that tell you more about your future wealth if you do nothing... that most people CHOOSE ignore (pg.2)
  • ​How to implement our “ABCD” Property Investment Formula + why it works every time. (pg.103)
  • The #4 Developer Trick Designed To Steal Your Money -- and how to beat these Spruikers at their own game! (pg. 112)
  • ​A distinct list of real life variables & assumptions you can use when modelling your own property portfolio (pg.220)
  • ​​Using the Flow of Money to your advantage (pg. 126 [Fig 12]) 
  • ​Why an accountant changed Ben’s life forever and why he swore he’d never let it happen to anyone else (pg. 9)
  • ​Where to find the “Proven Performer” — and at what entry-level price are you looking at spending? (pg. 179)
  • ​​The common attitudes surrounding money and how to create a clean slate so you can starting creating the wealth of your dreams (pg. 35)
  • ​How to Master the fundamentals of investing  -- incl. how to create wealth and get the true story of leverage and compounding. (pg. 81.)
  • ​Who are the “industry players” and how do you work out who IS and IS NOT on your side?! (pg. 71)
  • ​Our famous money management system “Money SMARTS” and how to set up your back accounts to trap more surplus (pg 58.)
  • The Five Essential Steps to START investing in property - F.Y.I. not just for the newbies. (p.51)
  • ​Once you understand this Asset Selection Framework, things will all fall into place (pg. 107)
  • What are the Tax Implications involved? — incl. Negative gearing vs. Positive gearing (pg. 176)
  • The Mindset Messages to stop standing in your own way and avoid analysis paralysis (pg. 40)
  • ​Our 18 proven investment strategies to succeed in property investing (and who should do what, when) (pg. 177)
  • How to identify “risk versus return” with each investment type — the property vs. shares debate (pg. 100 [graph])
  • Overlaying human nature indicators with plain old Common Sense (148.)
And That's Not All Of It...!
You'll Also Get to See A Full Breakdown Of Property Portfolio Strategies Suited To ALL of These Scenarios in The Case Studies Section....
  • Young Single
  • ​​Rentvestor
  • ​DINKS - Dual Income, No Kids
  • ​Couple With Young Kids
  • ​Older Couple With Older Kids
  • ​Empty-Nesters
And That's Not All Of It...!
You'll Also Get to See A Full Breakdown Of Property Portfolio Strategies Suited To ALL of These Scenarios in The Case Studies Section....
  • Young Single
  • ​​Rentvestor
  • ​DINKS - Dual Income, No Kids
  • ​Couple With Young Kids
  • ​Older Couple With Older Kids
  • ​Empty-Nesters
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You'd noticed that at the check out form we've also offered you access to one of our paid workshop! With just $27, here's what included in this step-by step demonstration video by Bryce:
  • HISTORICAL INTEL: Learn how to use Google Earth to detect invaluable historical insights to work out when the property was built and whether or not extra supply will be added to the area.
  • ​THE LAY OF LAND: Manipulate Google Earth's settings to reveal the geographical insights of an area.
  • ​VIRTUAL TOUR: Take an in-depth tour "cyber-style" to evaluate the lifestyle amenities and investment potential.
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