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See what our clients had to say about us…
I changed to your accounting service as I wanted a one stop shop for all of my property needs. From planning, purchasing, and now accounting. Thank you for providing something I didn’t realise I needed (until I had it).  
  Brett Verity
It's good to have a tax advice from someone who's not only a qualified tax accountant but a property investment savvy too
  Medhat Fathy
The entire accounting service was exceptional, and having an accountant like Danish that is truly property savvy with knowledge of our property plan was very important. Thank you!  
  Verity Johnson
Empower Wealth has become a trusted one stop shop for my wealth creation activities. It’s great having a team of professionals who are working together to work for me.
  Katrina Jocumsen
Finally, an accountant that knows about investment properties and is up to date with the relevant information. Fantastic service and excellent communication 
  Joseph Luong
Excellent service from new accounting team, great service to compliment existing services at Empower wealth. 
  Richard DeCent
Very good much easier than my previous accountants process which required too much input from me and was fairly manual from my perspective. We got a much higher than expected refund (like exponentially). Fairly easy process. 
  Mike Fraser
The tax team really helped me sort out years of messy stock trades and was able to get me a return far better than I ever managed alone
  Ryan Mortimer 
Great service excellent communication and process. The analysis and review of our property portfolio was a fantastic insight and a real bonus! Thank you. 
  Mark Beachcroft

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Appointment Free and No-Obligation?
Yes, our initial consultation is free.
What Tax Return work do we specialise in?
Our new team is focused on all tax matters related to personal and property investment. We specialise in individual tax returns, from PAYG returns to contractors and sole traders. 
How much will I get back? 
You might be surprised, especially if you have been working from home this year as the ATO has been allowing some deductions and also provided tax cuts with the new Federal Budget to individuals and households — your return actually might be bigger than you think. 
When do I need to lodge my Tax Return? 
If you don't currently have a Tax Agent, your Individual Tax Return deadline most likely is October 31 each year. If you choose to engage a registered tax agent like us to complete your tax return, you will be eligible for an extended tax return deadline.

Ideally, if you have a Tax Refund you are best to do your tax return as soon as practically possible as any refund can go straight into your offset or savings account.

However, if you are anticipating having to PAY tax this year, you can actually delay your pending tax payment as long as you do your Tax Return via a registered Tax Agent. And we'd love to help you do that! Get in touch with us today and our tax accountant can arrange the extension on your behalf. Otherwise, you have to pay by the deadline.
How do the fees work?  
Our Tax & Personal Accounting business works on a professional fee for service basis. During your appointment, we will assess your tax return needs and advise you on the level of work we need to perform for you. A Letter of Engagement will be sent to you for your approval and will outline the fees applicable. We’d like to think our fees are competitive and are great value for money. We even do special offers for pensioners and full-time students.
Have more questions? Let us know here and one of our lovely support staff will assist you as soon as possible.
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